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Helene Steigertahl



Abitur at Gymnasium Corvinianum in Northeim
Student of German and English Studies and European Art History at Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg

Assistant Teacher in Chester-le-Street, County Durham, England (PAD)
First State Examination in German, English and European Art History

Academic Career:

Since August 2013:
Research Assistant for Prof. Dr. Markus Bieswanger (English Linguistics 2, University of Bayreuth)
Since Summer Term 2014:
PhD Student and Member of the Graduate School at the University of Bayreuth
February-March 2015:
Research Trip to Namibia


Steigertahl, Helene. 2015. Language Use and Attitudes. How do they contribute to identity-formation? In v. Maltzan, Carlotta (ed.), Acta Germanica. German Studies in Africa 43. Frankfurt am Main et al.: Peter Lang. 90-98.


September 2014:
"English in Namibia – A New Variety? – An Empirical Study of Language Use and Variety Status in Five Namibian Communities" at FJUEL (Forum Junge Englische Linguistik) at the University of Bamberg (presentation)
March 2015:
"Language Use and Language Attitudes – How Do They Contribute to Identity-Formation?" at the SAGV conference (German Association of Southern Africa) at the University of Namibia in Windhoek: "History and Identity" (poster with presentation)
May 2015:

"Challenges of Compiling a Corpus of Spoken English in Namibia" at ICAME 36 (International Computer Archive for Modern and Medieval English) at the University of Trier (presentation)
September 2015:
Organization of FJUEL (Forum Junge Englische Linguistik) at the University of Bayreuth (with Sofia Rüdiger)
October 2015:
"Spoken English in Namibia – Preliminary Findings of a New Variety?" at IAWE 21 (International Association for World Englishes) at Bogaziçi University, Istanbul; winner of the Braj B. Kachru Student Award for Best Paper


Summer Term 2014:
PS First Language Acquisition
PS Semantics
Winter Term 2014/15:
PS Second Language Acquisition
PS English in Southern Africa
Summer Term 2015:
PS Metaphor and Metonymy
Winter Term 2015/16:
PS Phonetics and Phonology

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Univ.Prof.Dr. Markus Bieswanger

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